This is kinda awkward… just thinking about the idea of creating a Blog where I could post my personal points of view, my way of seeing, living and feeling this life..I just can’t believe I’ve done it. Don’t know if it’ll work for many people, but sure it will for me 🙂

To situate yourselves, I will do some kind of background about me and what I’ve done to be where I am nowadays.


I am just a little woman, the truth is that I still consider me a girl, for my way of thinking or acting, nevertheless it does not imply that I’m a serious and a mature woman when i’ve got to(hehe). I have always lived in Girona, a little but gorgeous country in Catalonia. Maybe if I say that is next to Barcelona you’ll situate it a little better, but is a must to come and visit Girona! My grandparents live in Costa Brava, and since I was a child I’ve spent lots of summers there, and that’s the reason I think it’s become a part of my life.

Moving on studies..this is the last year of my degree and I cannot wait! It’s being a very hard semester, but no doubt I’ll take it! Next year I’d like to do a Master in Barcelona, but I won’t decide until I finish my degree. I’m also taking the 5th course of English. And that’s why I’m writing in English, also because it can be read for more people 😉

Apart from my studies, I dedicate a lot of time to self care. At first glimpse you would imagine that I’m talking about staying at the bathroom for hours for having a perfect image. However, I’m talking about nutrition and sport. Since I have been overweight so many years, I’ve also invert a lot of time and experience in eradicating those things that damaged me, and creating new habits to reach a new and healthy lifestyle. And that’s mainly what’s gonna be this blog about. And you may ask me…


The reason why I’m posting my journey on the internet, is because I think that it will help me to track my progress and to commit myself to it. I also see it as book, as a journal, somewhere I can upload new recipes, new exercises I’ve tried, do some kind of recommendations … I don’t wanna feel like I always have to post about one field, I rather prefer doing it while I live it, so… no more things have to be said.

that’s all for today! See you next day! xoxo



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